Oct 31, 2011

The thing about school is that, it's not about good grades, doing good and impressing all your teachers. Because all it is, is a place where you learn valuable things for yourself and the society. Brains should not matter. What should matter is the gist of the knowledge adn it is being spread. If you want to do good, do so in life. Because school should not prove anything.

In all honesty, I don't think exams should matter. I don't think grades should matter. All they tell you is if you get an "A" you are brilliant and an "F" you are considered a failure. The school system to me, in all honesty is demorilising. You are valuing a person by how smart he/she does in school or how well the teachers say they are doing. All this should not matter. Because, in truth not everyone who does well in school make it in life. I read a book once, where a father is trying to point out to his child that good grades should not matter because one of his friends was a straight "A" student but he ended up being a cashier at a grocery store. No insult intend to cashiers everywhere, I think it's a good job. See this is another thing, that I will get to next time. It is proven that almost 90% of the successful and looked upon people today were nobodies. Some of them even had studying difficulties. To name some, Bach, Mozart, Albert Einstein. These people are brilliant, but why? Because they are brilliant in their own way.

What school, universities, THE WORLD is implying to us today is that, if you don't do well you're done for. Because if you are smart, then all the doors are open for you. I'm sorry to say this but, BULLSHIT. Are you trying to tell us that, without a University Cert we are nothing? Yes, it is needed in the kind of life we live in today, but the fact that a person is being judged on whether he has one or not, is really pithy. I don't see anyone saying that to Steve Jobs.

There is more to mankind than just brains, education, beauty etc. There is a soul, a life, a mind (which is very different from brains) that weighs more in value than any of the other things combined.

Today, I had a rough day in school. No, I did not fail my exam or a paper. I just sat and thought about what school really meant and the way one of my teachers talked to me. I can't deny it hurt. But it opened my eyes to see something that she or anybody else who only believe in certs, good grades etc. can't see. I realised that, school does not define me who I am. My grades don't define me who I am. What kind of university I will go to won't define who I am. And neither should it to anyone. Because there is more to life than all that. Good grades, brains, smartness won't get a person anywhere. It only will if you have owned who you are and understood life.

Grades, school, what your friends and teachers think of you should not matter. Because non of it defines who you are.